Chris Deeroy reveals a deep understanding of the role of faith in human perseverance. The writing is about hope and courage; pushing through at your weakest point. Finding your path while struggling to achieve with the inspiration of faith is eloquently presented. This book is entertaining, holds the reader’s interest and teaches at the same time. Deeroy has proven his understanding of the role of faith and overcoming setbacks in the pursuit of success. A must read for anyone with ambition. Susan Durbec

A debut memoir that elevates office politics and corporate backbiting to the level of religious and metaphysical battles between forces of good and evil.

Deeroy has an inspirational story to relate in this memoir. He writes that he overcame parental rejection and extreme poverty during childhood; was granted asylum in the United States due to violence and political unrest in his West African homeland of Togo; obtained a degree from an American university; and developed a career in the world of information technology. He offers some details about his youth, but the bulk of the narrative concerns the three and a half years he spent employed in the software technology section of an unnamed corporation. Evidently, he fell into disfavor with his immediate superiors after a problem with something called the “John Doe Project.” He never makes this project’s specifics clear, but he says that he was thrown “under the bus” in the fallout. Overall, Deeroy offers fluid, sometimes-elegant prose. However, he often seems to blur the line between facts and symbolism. For example, he labels his coworker “the evil lady” because he says he “saw her in a couple of dreams in a form of a snake. Both times, the snake tried to bite me”; from this, he says, he concluded that he was in physical, mortal danger. At another point, when a flock of crows landed on the skylight above his cubicle, he says that he took it as proof that “someone had commissioned an evil spirit to carry out some mission at that workplace.” There’s also page after page of prayer recitations that interrupt the flow of the story. Deeroy’s devout Christianity blends with his account of his Uncle Tito’s tribal beliefs in witchcraft and black magic to create a unique brew of faith and superstition. It’s not until the final chapter that he focuses more fully on the motivational advice he promises readers up front: “If you want to be valuable, place some value on yourself; and if you want to be happy, do something that makes you and everyone around you happy.”

An unusual combination of spirituality and magic that may appeal to a mystical Christian crowd.  KIRKUS REVIEW

A Powerful Book – Chris writes with feeling and commitment. He has a compelling message to share and suspenseful stories to tell. Rarely does a book capture such raw emotion and such acts of self-discovery. B.J. Rudell

‘The Courageous’ is a spellbinding non fiction read that is sure to strike any reader for its sheer purity, enlightenment, encouragement and immaculate style of narration with a gripping flow that gives the insight into the faith and believes of author Chris Deeroy over god.
Though not through a very blessed childhood with the very basis for survival, author Chris Deeroy’s outlook towards life and appreciation of it makes him a role model for all readers. Author defines value of life and success with his first hand experience at poverty.
‘The Courageous’ is a motivational read that kept me engrossed and turning pages as the author unfolded his life journey, preaching in each chapter with his read experience & thoughts of wisdom gathered over time and by faith in god.
Author definitely does a wonderful job by bringing his valuable experience and guidance in the form of a book with diverse appeal that would be appreciated by a wide range of readers irrespective of their region and religion and encourage them to revitalize their faith in god and his watchfulness over us.
This inspiring memoir sure deserves a special place in one’s life and on shelf for its charm of purity and beauty. Highly recommended. Eishinas

One of a kind story, showing how culture, family and values can shape a person and influence life in the workplace. Anonimous

This is a very nice and encouraging book, and I love every minute of it. Let’s just say it kept wanting more. Not to mention, it tough me a lot. And I recommend it for everyone to read. This book opens my eyes and helps me realize how we all need God’s presence in our lives. It is well written with a lot of life lessons to communicate and teach. We need more books like this, to show a positive spin on things and life. And I can’t stop reading it, every chapter is more interesting the more deep you are into it, the better it gets, this is the best book I have read in this year so far. I had order some books from Amazon but this one I truly love so much. I hope for something more like this on Amazon, because we need to know the world we live in! An Amazon Reviewer

Chris has an interesting story. I found his family interesting especially the polygamous witch doctor Timothy. Great book…Anonimous